Interested in DIY projects but not quite all the "DO-IT-YOURSELF" work?




The Art & Design Spot offers stylish, personalized and seasonal designs in our Wood + Paint workshop series. 

  • In each 2-3 hour, hands-on, workshop our guests paint a custom, stylish home décor piece of their choosing.

  • Students come prepared to paint and have a good time, and leave the rest to us. We provide all needed materials and instruction required to create each piece. We stay current with our design offerings, and provide a variety of options that will compliment many decor trends.

  • Our roots are in the decorative painting industry, which means you're being instructed by life long creatives that love to share their passions for all things paint and texture. Familiarize yourself with our studio and workshop offerings.

Below is a gallery of the design projects we are now offering.

What's the big deal?

If you’ve been wondering from what all the “sign painting party” hype is about, come experience a workshop for yourself! It’s fun to get your hands dirty and be able to leave the studio with a custom piece that YOU designed! We promise to provide you with all the tools for success.

Been there, done that?

Are you a “sign painting party” veteran? At The Art & Design Spot we are able to offer interested guests a unique spin on painted wooden décor pieces. With our extensive knowledge and experience in the decorative painting industry, we can add a design twist to your project thru incorporating texture and/or embossing techniques. The possibilities are endless!


Current Projects

Wood + Paint

16"x24" Personalized Signs ($65)


16"x24" Non-Personalized Signs ($60)


16" SIGNS Personalized ($55)


16" SIGNS Non-Personalized ($50) 


12"x18" Serving Trays (with handles) ($66)


7.25" x 16” Non-Personalized SIGNS ($40) 

Holiday Signs


Porch Signs ($60 with optional flip side $20)

Custom Sign - any standard size ($100)