Interested in DIY projects but not quite ALL the "Do-It-Yourself" that can involve?

WOOD + PAINT  {DIY Chic} Workshops 

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{DIY Chic}

The Art & Design Spot offers stylish, personalized and seasonal designs in our Wood + Paint workshop series. 


In each 2-3 hour, hands-on, workshop our guests paint a custom, stylish home décor piece of their choosing.

Students come prepared to paint and have a good time, and leave the rest to us. We provide all needed materials and instruction required to create each piece. We stay current with our design offerings, and provide a variety of options that will compliment many decor trends.

Below is a gallery of the design projects we are currently offering.



If you’ve been wondering from what all the “sign painting party” hype is about, come experience a workshop for yourself! It’s fun to get your hands dirty and be able to leave the studio with a custom piece that YOU designed! We promise to provide all the tools for success.



Are you a “sign painting party” veteran? At The Art & Design Spot we are able to offer interested guests a unique spin on painted wooden décor pieces. With our extensive knowledge and experience in the decorative painting industry, we can add a design twist to your project thru incorporating texture and/or embossing techniques. The possibilities are endless!

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Prefer to host a private party for you and 5-10 of your friends? Contact us to schedule! Want to know more about how a private party works? Here's what you need to know.

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