Wood + Paint {DIY chic} 

Create a personalized, wood + paint decor piece to compliment your home! Each workshop is designed so that guests are able to make the wood + paint project of their choice. We will start with bare wood and at the end of the workshop guests will leave with their finished piece. 






So what IS Pourology? It's the art of mixing and pouring acrylic paint which results in unpredictable (and amazing) combinations of color and texture. There is no right or wrong - only freedom to explore your inner artistic spirit! 


Terrarium Art

Construct a mini world where art and plants play well together. During this workshop participants will explore the process of building a Terrarium then embellishing with rocks.sand, trinkets and doodads. Forget the green thumb and gardening skills. Just show up with a creative spirit and we will walk you thru the entire process. Guest will leave with a completed Terrarium enhanced with their creative twist/touch. 


Save the Books!

Give an old book new life! Create a mixed media home decor piece which is sure to inspire.